Technical consulting in Anticorrosion

Specialized technical consulting service in anticorrosion protection of steel structures

Anti - corrosion management must be designed in such a manner that will supervision, unwillingness to improve the situation, wrong operation and design.

The consulting service is associated with the technical consulting that we offer to our customers, implementation and supervision in the field of corrosion protection systems, fire-resistant systems for steel structures. We have many years of experience in the metallurgical industry, steel structures and broad knowledge.

Corrosion is a process of gradual destruction that occurs on the surface of metals and their alloys and other materials due to chemical or electrochemical effects of the environment. Corrosion is a phenomenon from which you can not escape designing and implementing construction projects. However, it should effectively resist in protect against its degrading action. Seeking appropriate solutions that effectively protect steel structures from corrosion, you can lose a lot of time. We provide technical advice on the selection of appropriate paint systems in surface treatment.

We perform inspection of the technical condition of the structure, advise which technology strategy to adopt afor surface preparation, the optimum system for corrosion protection or repair in accordance with the current requirements of ISO standards in recommendations of the paint manufacturers.

Our services

We provide trainings for the sand-blasting staff and industrial painters in the field of preparation the surface for painting, painting and application of protective coatings on steel structures. We supervise the processes of application of the coating and control the final layer of corrosion protection.

Anti-corrosion coatings. Applying anti-corrosion coatings with various technologies. Own lab, supervision of physicochemical parameters.
Supervision of anticorrosion works

Pracownicy reprezentujący firmę FINNSERWIS posiadają wiedzę, doświadczenie oraz kwalifikacje niezbędne do samodzielnego i w pełni profesjonalnego prowadzenia nadzoru nad przebiegiem procesu prac antykorozyjnych na obiektach konstrukcji stalowych, poświadczone odpowiednimi certyfikatami i uprawnieniami.Employees representing FINNSERWIS have the knowledge, experience and skills necessary for independent and fully professional supervision over the course of the processes for corrosion protection work of steel construction, certified by certificates and permissions.

Final inspection of corrosion protection

Mistakes committed during painting can have a significant impact on visual comfort, health and comfort of building occupants, and in some cases the durability and safety of the object (eg. In the case of fireproof swelling coatings, anti-corrosion). We perform detailed inspections of works of painting, check the surface in terms of non-compliance with the applicable standards and requirements of the contract and then present a report to the Client, together with guidelines regarding repair protection.

Receiving the steel structure after blasting

We inspect the construction after blasting - removal from the surface of the steel any contamination in the form of rust, scale, grease, dust, etc. We check the structure for further development of corrosion.

We cooperated with

Over the years, we have completed dozens of projects at different sites, providing our customers highest quality of services and short lead time.

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